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Open time

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 8:30 - 18:00

Wednesday: 8:30 - 18:00

Thursday: 8:30 - 18:00

Friday: 8:30 - 18:00

Saturday: 8:30 - 13:00

We open all the year!

Our performances:

  • Customized face and body treatments (for women, men and teenagers)
  • Professional products
  • Sanovera
  • Ilcsi
  • Afrodita, etc.
  • face ironing (skin-nutritive, anti-wrinkle)
  • Ultrasonic treatments (make skin stretchy, wrinkle treatment)
  • brush wheel face scrub (refreshing, drenching)
  • Hydro-abrasion (water-jet skin peeling)

New features:

  • Anti-wrinkle treatment with floral stem-cell therapy
  • Face Lifting deep muscle gymnastics
  • Mesotherapy without needles - skin rejuvenation with botox effect materials (hyaluron, argeline)
  • Water-jet skin peeling as a cure mixing 5 most modern anti wrinkle procedures
  • Epilfree - long lasting herbal, permanent epilation for every hair type
  • Slimming detoxicating body-winding - local fat decomposition
  • 3D false eye-lashes for discount price (8500 HUF)
  • Bioptron lamp treatment (for freckles, herpes, it reduces the inflammation)
  • Make-ups with Malu - Wilz professional products
  • Refreshing, health-giving, slimming body massage
  • Manicure, false-nail building
  • Medicinal pedicure, foot treatment on high level with state-of-the-art machines wellness foot massage
  • Skin treatment with paraffin and volatile oils.


  • Sunvision Turbo solarium
  • NEW FEATURE: with Sexy Cacao tube - equal, intensive, long lasting browning


Information about performances.


Brand new feature in anti-wrinkle procedures and restore skin. Homeopathy agents as hyaluron-acid and argeline, which are analytical cleanliness materials, get into not only on the skin surface but in deep of epithelium, at the bottom of pelt.

We might define the limit among cosmetics, cosmetology and plastic surgery.

Long Time Liner make-up tattoo:

It is the smoothest method and permanent winner of international competitions. Long lasting colours natural shapes.

Perfect colourness and coverness. Making appointment is necessary. My colleague fulfil the tattoo, who is member of "Long time elite team", she has 12 years experience and routine in this field. It is important your eyebrows and your lips are highlighted in their natural beauty and only the Long Time Liner IS ABLE TO CARRY OUT it!

It matters what you are taking for 5 - 8 years! My colleague has already corrected lots of failed tattoo professionally.


Long lasting herbal, permanent epilation for every hair type for discount price Agents: alchemilla, lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, rhubarb, sweet-root.


  • Any epilation process effects on growing hair. 20 % of hair-follicle (legs, arms) 70 % (face) is in growing phase. This is the reason why more treatment is necessary.
  • Number of treatments depends on person and hormones (6 - 15 times).
  • We are waiting for our dear clients!
  • We find solutions all the cosmetics problems!
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